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Vulcan stove in B&W with a red 'V' crossing the photo
Slide on "What sets Vulcan ovens apart?"
Product page for a 10 Level Full Size Gas Broilerless Combi Oven
Man pouring oil into a bowl with salad in it
Smiling chef in a Vulcan kitchen plating several identical dishes
Pan of stir fry being tossed on a stovetop
Chef in the Vulcan kitchen putting the finished touches on a dish
Close-up of a tray of cauliflower, broccoli and carrots in the oven
Smiling chef in a kitchen holding a plate of food
Man with a red sash tied around his waist holding a fried wonton with chopsticks over a full plate
Three round loves of bread on a tray in the oven
Pan of food being worked on a flaming oven
Plate of food near the stovetop with toasted bread, dips and two avocados nearby
Several cheeseburgers with fries in red baskets
Close-up of seasoned celery in a baking dish
Man pouring a big bowl of lobsters into a large pot full of corn and other seafood
3D render of a Vulcan oven from six angles
Three square frames side-by-side with copy in each reading "No one likes well done & medium rare in the same steak"
Two squares side by side with an oven crossing over them and copy that reads, "Vulcan Tip #72: Keep cool without ice"
Collage of several brand assets with the message "Let's increase the odds of even cooking."
Each side of a one-page ad emphasizing even cooking and easy cleanup
Sample email ad for Vulcan Tip #61 on cleaning a braising pan

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