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Ohio Parks Postcards

get outside

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Collage of several Ohio parks postcards
postcard container laid flat with a beli band askew on top, placed next to both the front and back of the Cherrington Park postcard
Explore Ohio Parks cover with elements of various postcards in olive and teal
Olive card with topographical map in the background which reads "As a studio we love the power of digital but we see the importance of disconnecting to get outside and refuel"
Three layers of Clifton Gorge postcard
Closeup of the Mill Creek Park postcard with other cards surrounding
Postcards for Darby Creek, Clifton Gorge and Clear Creek in a grid with other cards surrounding
Stylized "Fuel Your Soul" imposed over tree bark
All postcards in the Explore Ohio Parks set
open packaging showing textured interior, booklet and postcards in pouch
woman cutting out the exterior packaging
cover of the notebook showing pieces of various postcards in olive and teal
Woman holding the packaging open, showing the topographical map inside
Park of Roses page inside the notebook
Gray topographical map with a diamond in the middle containing "Just Breathe"
mockup of the social media experience

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