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Where we work and sometimes play

makers making in the Bonfire Red studio


More than a pin on a map, our studio is a vibe, a culture, a place where humble yet tenacious people meet for a common shared interest: to make great work, together.

  • Illustration of abstract elements coming out of a chest
    Creative is our core hand-written text

    We’re all different names for the same thing—maker. Creativity is what binds us.

  • Illustration of hands work together with abstract elements surrounding them
    Clients are our kindling hand-written text

    We believe every project is an opportunity to solve an exciting new challenge alongside our clients.

  • Illustration of abstract elements coming out of a anatomical heart
    Passion is our flame hand-written text

    Passion is at the heart of everything we do. And it’s louder than words.

  • Illustration of two clownfish swimming together
    Better together hand-written text

    We leverage our diverse perspectives to create something greater than what we could achieve individually.

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    Come as you are hand-written text

    We foster an inclusive community that embraces and uplifts everyone.


Design is all around us, it’s integrated into every experience of our lives. Our job is to apply our expertise to elevate the perception of clients in the eyes of their customers. We approach each project with a child’s wild imagination and a veteran’s proven wisdom to bring new experiences to life.

Experts in
  • Crafting custom experiences tailored to your audience
  • Owning UX / UI design, usability and interaction
  • Shaping brand identity and visual expression
  • Next-level print and packaging design


Off-the-shelf is a concept we can’t comprehend. Every industry, business and product is unique and deserves an approach specifically built for them. Everything we develop is painstakingly thought through, from functional requirements to animation techniques, to ensure the best possible interaction with the end users.

Experts in
  • Digging up functional requirements
  • Building beautiful ADA-compliant experiences
  • Creating smart, usable tools for admins
  • Framing user interactions and branded animations


For creativity to flourish, processes must thrive. For every curious and artful yin, there must be a pragmatic, detail-oriented yang. Fortunately for us and our clients, we have a cast of logistical rockstars to keep everyone informed and on schedule.

Experts in
  • Talking to people like people not robots
  • Uniting creative teams in a central goal
  • Organizing the many aspects of our work-flow
  • Purposeful meetings that respect everyone's time
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Illustration of top half of a head with abstract elements coming out of it
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culture is

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