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An Ancient Tena

Korua (Thank

You) to our clients

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Exterior wooden packaging of the gift featuring a cloth tag held on by string and the Bonfire Red logo branded on the box
Open wooden box holding two tiki bags and a cloth sack with writing printed on it
Screenprinted cloth inserts that show the tiki figures with their name and title
Close-up of pile of cloth sacks containing a cocktail ingredients with the contents screen printed on the front
Packaging exterior, close-up on the bonfire brand and the screenprinted cloth tag which reads "Kia ora carefully crafted and thoughtfully constructed this gift was individually handcrafted for you"
All three tiki mugs facing forward on a wooden table
Screenprinted cloth tag featuring the three tiki logos with copy explaining the story behind them below it
A grid of screen printed inserts featuring each of the tiki figures
Wood carving that acted as the inspiration for the Wonani tiki symbol
Illustration and description for the tiki Pauwuh, God of Order and Lists
Illustration and description for the tiki Wonani, God of Chaotic Creation
Illustration and description for the tiki Ahikulu, God of Fire and Hypertext
Font created for the tiki gift being reviewed on an iPad
Font created for the tiki gift
Designs of all three tiki heads
Collage of graphics from across the tiki project along with a picture of the mugs in their box

Augmented Reality

As the story goes, when Ahikulu consumed AUAHA WAHIE, a great wave of inspiration came upon the ruler of the digital underworld. Entranced with a fire of creativity, Ahikulu created a custom Instagram filter that would transcend generations. You can access this ancient filter and choose to embody your favorite tiki god by going to Bonfire Red’s Instagram account (@bonfirered) and tapping on the face icon shown below.

Example of a design for the AR tiki masks
Still of an iPhone screen demoing the tiki AR mask being applied to a person
inspiration for the tiki figures
A man holding the wooden packaging holding two tiki mugs while he begins to pack the third and final mug
Screen printing press with the Wonani transparency waiting to be used
Bonfire Read team looking over a cardboard mockup of the packaging
Several wooden boxes in a row being packed
A woman cutting wood on a table saw
Close-up of the bonfire brand used to burn in the packaging exterior
Two women testing different mixers


  • Interactive