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Bento Box

Nourish Your Self-


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All the pieces and pages of the bento box arranged in an offset grid
Closed bento box wrapped in an elastic band
Chris Rinehart and Gabriel Cuddy sanding wood boxes against a graffitied wall
Wooden lid with a Bonfire Supply Company graphic printed on featuring the rest of the bento box in the background
Old invoicing envelope from The Sheldon Dry Goods Company in Columbus, OH
The inspiration for our design direction, found in the floorboards of Bonfire Red
Bento box inserts for the story and materials & instructions
Open bento box, emphasis on the pencil and paint trays
Logan Fischer staining the paint trays
Wooden tray containing colored pencils, a brush and a pen
Close-up of both stained and unfinished pencil trays
Palette of water color pigments in a routed wooden tray
Close-up of colored pencils divided by color
Coloring book pages in a grid
Coloring book pages featuring outdoor landscapes
Coloring book pages in a stack featuring the bonfire page on top
Brent Presley assembling bento boxes with all the pieces laid out on the table
Behind the shoulder of Tara Wren trimming coloring book pages
Close-up of tray in bento box with colored pencils, a pen and a brush
All pieces of the bento box laid out on a table


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