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Hi-Lo Studios

Say hi-lo

to a new space for 


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Poster against a wall for Hi-Lo's open house
Stool against a draping white backdrop mounted in a spool on the back wall
Studio space.
Hi-Lo brand typeface featuring the Fellix font
Confetti Pantone swatches of the Hi-Lo brand colors
Open studio space with sunlight shining through the back windows
Spread of Hi-Lo themed stationary, including a bag, notepag, namebadge, pens, colored tube and a button
Front and back of info poster promoting Hi-Lo
Pocket notebook with "Production Notes" against black on one side and the Hi-Lo smiley against yellow on the other
Hi-Lo poster with two overlapping rectangles in the brand colors with the caption "Studio space."
Close-up of the Hi-Lo door sign with a grid of brand colors in the background
Hi-Lo door sign being applied by Logan Fischer
Hi-Lo banner which reads "Studio space this way." hanging from the ceiling
Back of a Hi-Lo tee featuring the smiley logo with a rippling pattern emanating from it
Smiley t-shirt design on a screen-printing press
Print t-shirt order form from the Hi-Lo open house propped against a wooden hand
Hi-Lo baseball cap
Front and back of button showing "Hi-" on a white background
Front and back of button showing "Hi-Lo" repeated in a gradient of brand colors
Front and back of button showing what looks like a target in an arrangement of brand colors
Collage of brand colored square with an arrow pointing up and to the left
Man taking a photo of someone sitting on a chair in front of a white wall
Photoshoot in Hi-Lo
Bride and groom photographed against a brick wall in Hi-Lo
Hand touching a wall graphic of a black and a yellow hand crossing next to "high five."


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