Westerville Public Library

Digital Partner / Branding

The Westerville Public Library provides materials, programs and services to residents of all ages in Franklin and Delaware counties. For over seventy-five years, the library has served the various and diverse needs of their community. They strive, through their customer service and the resources they provide, to be the leading public library in America.


The Westerville Public Library had been awarded multiple grants to enhance their space and develop new services for their community. Their previous site buried those services, and as a result, taxpayers were not leveraging the full potential of their Library. The search function needed an upgrade and the site was not mobile optimized while an increasing amount of traffic was being accessed by smartphones and tablets. Lastly, the site design was dated, and Westerville was looking for a refreshed brand language that better represented their staff and state-of-the-art facilities.


We started with a complete re-architecture and brand immersion, to better understand who they aspire to be and develop a brand new technical ecosystem to support that vision. Once the brand characteristics were established, we focused on the search process across all media, services & support, and events as the hero. From here, we designed a new visual language for the Library, leading clean user interface elements without competing with the rich and diverse graphics that make up all of the music albums and book covers. This approach allows the brand, WPL, to show its strength and build brand equity by creating an easy-to-use search interface, making it easy to find books, movies, services and events. Our development partner, AWH, infused their proprietary CMS named GeoDocs to manage all content, and developed flexible back-end databases and third party integrations that power the site.