Rusty Bucket Restaurant & Tavern

Digital Partner / Digital & Social Ecosystem

Rusty Bucket prides themselves on being the "neighborhood" restaurant and tavern, with plans to expand outside the midwest. Their speciality in creating "Bucket Life" moments is highlighted through their deliciously hand-crafted food & drinks, paired with a welcoming atmosphere - turning families and friends into regulars.

Bonfire Red was tasked with bringing the unique vibe of the Rusty Bucket restaurants to life on their website, while evolving the site to allow users to navigate and view content specific to their favorite local Bucket. Additionally, we needed to establish a strong social presence for each local restaurant, knowing that patrons have a lot of good vibes to share.


We teamed up with Rusty Bucket and Launch Farm to deliver a tasty digital slice of the Bucket life. With vivid photos of menu items, a live social stream via Instagram and ability to select their favorite Bucket, fans get a chance to plug in and see events and promotions tied to that location. Additionally, the new design language and elements established on the website during the redesign have been carried over and live on in their email and print collateral. The new look is executed from table tops to the mobile phone experience, from A-Frames to Billboards, and people are noticing!

Raw & "Reel" Fresh

Introducing The Rusty Bucket Blog


By working closely with our partners at Rusty Bucket, we created a Raw & "Reel" Fresh blog experience that takes you into the kitchen & behind the bar. We happily jumped at the chance to expand the Rusty Bucket brand even further, providing them with a place to show the behind-the-scenes effort and deliberation that goes into every Rusty Bucket entree, beverage, or experience through their very own blog that is truly full of Bucket Life.


With our custom content creation, we were able to truly introduce users to the full Rusty Bucket story. We also accounted for four different categories of posts (In the Kitchen, Behind the Bar, Our Culture, and Your Community) so users could easily pinpoint exactly what they were most interested in.


We stayed true to the brand colors but changed up how we were using them. To lighten things up a bit we decided to introduce a white background to the blog stories. It’s a nice contrast to the chalkboard used throughout the Rusty Bucket site & helps support the idea of fresh.

  • Golden Yellow
    • Hex #e0a526
  • Neutral Brown
    • Hex #544d47

Alongside the photography, we introduced a new typeface specifically for the blog. Given it’s fun and "raw" aesthetic, "Flood" works as a great typeface for the blog story titles, while playing nicely with the existing branded fonts.

  • Bookman Old Style Bold Italic
  • Proxima Nova
  • flood italic