Brand Creation & Website Design

A small market and take-away on Martha’s Vineyard, Rosewater sources and serves the freshest local food around, and shares a simple message: “Eat Well. Be Kind.”

Rosewater was born out of a passion for delicious, well-sourced food and inspired by a Kurt Vonnegut novel. Our challenge was to build a brand identity that would establish Rosewater within the intimate community of Edgartown on the historic island of Martha’s Vineyard.


Creating a way to represent this was a whole studio effort - throwing down inspiration from vintage catalogues, maps of the island and reading Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. Together, we created a mark that nods to the authenticity of the island and translates beautifully from packaging to hand lettered signage to web presence. The refreshingly simple experience of Rosewater brick and mortar inspired us to let minimalistic design speak for itself.


The color palette for Rosewater reflects the island’s natural hues. The primary muted blue embodies the New England oceanside that surrounds Martha’s Vineyard, while the darker blue and charcoal allow for a sense of depth. The red then compliments the palette by creating an energy that brings the young and fresh market to life.

  • Blue
    • Hex #5b7484
  • Dark Blue
    • Hex #544d47
  • Charcoal
    • Hex #3b403f
  • Red
    • Hex #c85f49

We wanted a strong font that would represent the brand’s straight-talk approach. Futwora was a great fit for this. Its bold, all-caps style introduces the tone of the brand. To complement the boldness of Futwora, we brought Nitti to the table. Nitti has a novel-esque look that communicates a sense of realness and dialogue that complete the voice and tone of Rosewater.

Custom Iconography

Each icon is contained in a simple circle halved by a horizontal line through the center. The idea was simplicity and consistency. We wanted the icons to emulate the line work from the shield of the logo – a delicate combination of lines and curves, stripping out any unnecessary detailing.