Whatever you do, do it big

Huawei Device, USA

The Whatever you do, #DoItBig video introduces the Huawei brand and its flagship smartphone, the Ascend Mate2, to U.S. audiences. It’s shot in a real-life, documentary style to unlock personal vignettes that express what we truly mean by “Whatever you do, do it BIG.”


Our lives are a tapestry of Go Big moments. The punch of a timecard. The sharing of an idea. The typical morning rush out the door. And yet, what seems routine is often the start of something great. Some moments are truly bigger than others. And we believe greatness lies in making the most of them.

This video tells the stories of several special, but relatable, people. A band on the brink of inspiration. A single mom working hard to get ahead. A dancer determined to show what’s possible. For each, the Ascend Mate2 is there to support them, but never upstage their ambition. These are their stories, not ours. These are people with passion and drive, with modest income. People who deserve the connectedness and possibilities of a smartphone that, until now, has been out of reach.

At Huawei, we’re about putting cool, meaningful technology into the hands of real people facing real life. Because we know the right tools at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Power when you really need it. Encouragement at just the right moment. Connecting when the idea just can’t wait.

Telling the story

Made In Ohio

You probably didn’t think of Columbus, Ohio of being a mecca for creative services. From script writing, to branding, to digital design & technology to video production, this midwestern metropolitan is doing BIG things for big brands.

The vision was BIG. And Columbus, Ohio rose up to the challenge. Conceptualized and written in Ohio. 99% Talent sourced from Ohio. Produced and shot by Elevate Pictures Columbus, Ohio. Music created and performed from Ohio's own Anderson Cale!

“It is refreshing to see an ad cut that so perfectly captures the collaborative spirit of Columbus.  From the production team, band and music selection, actors and the sense of place in several of the locations, this is a great project that resonates with positive energy.”

- Michael Brown, Director of Public Affairs / Development, Experience Columbus