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Ecommerce Site Design

This is more than the unveiling of a new phone in a highly competitive market. It’s the introduction of an entirely new brand that will rock the mobile status quo.

There’s a demand for phones that are less expensive, more capable, and tuned-in to the way people share their lives. Huawei’s just the brand to give it to them - and we were just the team to drive the campaign. Huawei approached us to design and build an ecommerce experience for their newest device, the Ascend Mate2. The Ascend Mate2 is driven by a set of personality traits that define not just the tone of the campaign, but the spirit of the entire team. Sporting a familiar operating system on an Android platform, the idea was to entice users with it’s accessibility, usability, and a disruptive campaign on the market. With custom content ranging from the creation of a distinct font, to an entire video shoot for a long format digital commercial, we helped carve them a space in an already saturated market.

Custom Iconography

Check out Amanda's blog post to learn more about how this SoCal photoshoot came together.

We had the great pleasure to work with the amazing photographer, Amanda Julca, as we created fantastic supporting imagery for Huawei's Ascend Mate2 Smartphone campaign, "Whatever you do, do it Big." Our story was shot over several days on the golden coast of Los Angeles, California. With a cast of "real life" people, and the support of an amazing crew, we were able to capture many of the AscendMate2’s many features.

Check out her blog post, for more details.

Whatever you do, do it big.

Made In Ohio

You probably didn’t think of Columbus, Ohio of being a mecca for creative services. From script writing, to branding, to digital design & technology to video production, this midwestern metropolitan is doing BIG things for big brands.

The vision was BIG. And Columbus, Ohio rose up to the challenge. Conceptualized and written in Ohio. 99% Talent sourced from Ohio. Produced and shot by Elevate Pictures Columbus, Ohio. Music created and performed from Ohio's own Anderson Cale!

“It is refreshing to see an ad cut that so perfectly captures the collaborative spirit of Columbus.  From the production team, band and music selection, actors and the sense of place in several of the locations, this is a great project that resonates with positive energy.”

- Michael Brown, Director of Public Affairs / Development, Experience Columbus