Brand Definition & Website

Baesman has the unique ability to see opportunities hidden in customer data, develop them into marketing strategies, and deliver them across multiple channels. We had the unique ability to unify it all.

Baesman presented us with a very specific problem: How can we unify a brand with two very distinct sides of their business into one digital experience? They needed a way to display their dual expertise in both Printing & Fulfillment and Insights & Marketing (both heavily reliant on data-backed results and thorough strategy), while still ensuring the company’s vibrant personality could come through clearly.


We strategized for weeks before beginning a complete re-architecture of their web experience. The homepage is actually split into two, touting each side of the business, while one video (displaying their team, work, and environment) unites them. With Baesman, we were able to tether video, photography, and custom illustrations together to evolve their brand and thoroughly demonstrate their capabilities.

Custom Content

This is Baesman

We created an impressive amount of custom content – we introduced a new color palette evolved from their original scheme, created a custom icon language used throughout the site, and showcased the quality of their work and team through beautiful photography and video. By partnering with our friends at Old Machine, we were able to produce three days of raw footage that brought their culture to life. Our own team was leveraged to shoot additional photography for bio pictures and other assets used throughout the site.

"Working with the Bonfire Red team to redevelop our branding, website and overall digital experience exceeded expectations in every way. Very few organizations can effectively bring together branding, creativity, and leading edge, highly innovative technical capability to get the result you only imagined... We couldn't be more pleased."

- Jeff Sopko, President, Baesman Insights & Marketing

Smart Marketing.
Beautiful Results.

After an extensive definition phase, we discovered that the company as a whole holds very strong, united values. And we needed to give them a voice.

Baesman is confident.
Baesman is innovative and efficient.
Baesman is tenacious.

The copy written for Baesman reflects these values. With help from our friend Gregor Gilliom of Versatile Words, we refined a conversational yet intelligent voice for the brand – confidently reassuring their customers that they know what they’re doing and they’re doing it really well.


Our clients have ambitious goals and look to us to help achieve them. Our solutions are on the cutting-edge of targeted marketing. We don't settle for the same old approach; we constantly seek out new ways to leverage the power in your cutomer data and then deploy it to build business.


We believe deeply in the value we bring to your business. We know it makes a real diffrence, and we have the metrics and success stories to back it up. Our confidence also comes from hard-earned expertise. There's very little learning curve; we know your world and can make a difference right away.


The best solutions are based on acute understanding of you and your customers. We ask good questions, listen intently, and keep a constant watch on the industry horizon. Because there's zero tolerance for easy answers or the status quo.


We get after it. We love to find and fix inefficiency in both marketing strategies, and the high-touch execution of programs as well. We take pride in thinking things through and advocating for the right idea. We do whatever it takes to get it done because we will not let you down.


We love straight talk and our clients love it right back. Because honest communication isn't just more efficient, it's also more effective. Honesty builds trust, collaboration, and lasting relationships. We don't work any other way.


We extended the Baesman color palette throughout the process. This new and improved scheme is bold and energetic, reflecting the personality of Baesman and its employees.

  • Green
    • Hex #57b219
    • Pantone 369 C
    • Pantone 376 U
  • Light Green
    • Hex #7ed026
    • Pantone 368 C
    • Pantone 375 U
  • Blue
    • Hex #00aeef
    • Pantone 299 C
    • Pantone 2995 U
  • Light Blue
    • Hex #2ac3fb
    • Pantone 298 C
    • Pantone 2985 U
  • Yellow
    • Hex #ffc200
    • Pantone 368 C
    • Pantone 375 U
  • Red
    • Hex #e96e48
    • Pantone 369 C
    • Pantone 376 U
How To Use

Custom icons were created to represent the services advertised throughout the site. They have an elevated feel, using delicate line weights ranging from thin to regular to reflect the deliberate strategy happening behind the scenes.