How we make things is just as important as what we make.


Everyone at Bonfire Red is creative. Everyone has a hand in making beautiful things for our clients. Less talk. More doing.


We love being a little different. We embrace each other's backgrounds and individual passions to see things differently.


We are nothing without our clients. We try to be less of a vendor and more of a partner. They are part of the solution from start to finish.


How we create award-winning work is as important as the work itself. We stoke an environment that inspires everyone to do their best.

Chris Rinehart

Creative Director / Partner

  • Columbus College of Art and Design ‘00
  • Chuck Norris grew his beard to look like his
  • Screen printer
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Joey Zornes

Creative Director / Partner

  • Savannah College of Art and Design ‘98
  • Marathon canoe paddler
  • Would give it all up to sound like Freddie Mercury
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Courtney Cahill

Director of Production

  • Ohio University ‘99
  • Mushed Huskies as a kid
  • Dangerous with a spreadsheet
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Toby Miller

Technology Director

  • School of the chronically curious 1973-2093
  • Once ate 3 Chipotle burritos in one sitting
  • A Licensed Pyrotechnician
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Katie Higaki

Senior Designer

  • The Ohio State University ‘09
  • Podcast Lover
  • Makes a mean pecan pie
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Holly Malone


  • Ohio University ‘09
  • Tupac changed me
  • “the animal”
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Ryan Schmidt

Minister of Technology

  • Founder at
  • Father of 3, Husband of 1
  • Missed The Chariot's farewell tour
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Lauren Haase


  • Kent State University '14
  • Don't tell her to smile.
  • Office plant whisperer
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Ginger Zornes

Financial Administrator

  • Canal Zone College ‘70
  • Enjoys horseback riding and Zumba
  • Has an eagle eye on our financials

Jason Kocheran


  • Columbus College of Art and Design ‘13
  • Listens to Purple Rain in its entirety at least once a week
  • Can speak fluent Japanese with a Spanish accent
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Maria Kelly

Studio Administrator

  • The Ohio State University ‘08
  • Loves coffee & angry girl rock
  • Ella ama las peliculas de comedia romantica latino.
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Devin Murphy


  • School of Advertising Art ‘14
  • The office “kid sister”
  • Bubbling with #countrywisdom
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Drew Haas

Front End Developer

  • Ohio University ‘14
  • Once snuck into a Snoop Dogg concert like a real G
  • Ironically plays “Piano man” on the harmonica
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Katie Riccardella


  • The Ohio State University ‘15
  • Snacks once a day…for 8 hours
  • Has a creative arsenal of curse word substitutes
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Caleb Ely

Digital Producer

  • School of good ol’ fashioned elbow grease ‘16
  • Landlord
  • Certified bicycle mechanic
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Brittni Hall


  • The Ohio State University ‘11
  • Ruled by Jax the dog
  • Will poach pallet boards to make art
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Kyle Harrington

Digital Producer

  • The Ohio State University ‘08
  • If Netflix and he had a staring contest, he’d win
  • Would leave us for Adele
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Amy Hamm

Managing Director

  • Schooled (BA, MBA), life-long learner and educator
  • Believer in the power of kindness & positivity
  • Will always be a ham(m)
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Tiansen Wu


  • MFA Ohio University ‘17
  • For Azeroth! (It's a World of Warcraft thing. Stay woke.)
  • Regrets to inform you that fortune cookies are Californian
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Mitch Rossiter

Digital Coordinator

  • Ohio University ‘15
  • At a concert 8 nights a week
  • Wears sparklier nail polish than your 6 year old niece
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